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Zouis picspam; hell yeah!

I've been obsessed with them lately for some reason? I realllly love how close they seem to be now and how comfortable they're around each other. This is mostly for my own entertainment haha and also my tumblr likes are about to explode so I need to organize my stuff somehow.


X Factor!


I love the fact that they would always hug each other before hugging the other guys. So damn cute! And they weren't even that close back then. What I reaaallly love about Zouis tho is that they're ALWAYS touching each other, I know Louis is a touchy-feely guy in general but I stg Zayn is only that touchy-feely with Louis... They're just so jadsnsnkd:

akdjka HANDS.

lots of things going on here but yeah... touching!


what. are. you. doing.

nipple rubbing. standard. 

more touching.

i don't even know.

haaaaands. so much unnecessary touching. they cannot keep their hands off each other.


Louis' hand. Also Zayn's back is hot. Too hot.

huggging. Also Louis is so cute trying to protect Zayn.


ALWAYS. I wasn't exaggerating.

MOVING ON. Yeah, there's more. Here's another of my favorite things: boyfriends laughing!

(my faveeeee)


this entire thing was sooooo epic. And Louis laugh was the cutest thing ever.

I'm 100% sure that there's more of these but I'm too lazy to look rn. Louis and Zayn also have this thing where they like... pretend they're about to make out in the hottest way possible and IT'S LIKE THEY'RE TRYING TO KILL ME.

Exhibit #1

What the hell is this? What am I supposed to do with myself after looking at stuff like these. Sometimes I hate them. Yes.

Exhibit #2

trying. to. kill. me.

Exhibit #3
who do you think you are?

AS IF THAT WASN'T ENOUGH. They also like to do this ridicously cute thing with their stupid, precious little heads AND I HATE THEM FOR IT. Look for yourself (warning: cuteness overload)


Sometimes Zayn would even give Louis a little kiss on the cheek (tears falling as I fall down in a slow circle and die)

lsnlfkdsnfdg. JFC. Make out already.

I think I'm slowly losing coherency so here's the FINAL part of this long ass spam: THE LOOKS!

someone's smitten!


Oh my God. This might be my favorite. I think.



lol angst.

Just because Zayn's face is the CUTEST.


AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST. (This isn't really a look but I D C)

please, notice Zayn's precious smile in the second gif. HE'S SO HAPPY.

If you're not convinced already I don't think there's ANYTHING I can do. Zouis isn't even my #1 ship but I do love them almost as much as Larry and it kind of makes me sad that people DON'T SEE IT. HOW CAN U NOT SEE IT. You have to blind! Oh wellll, here's a sleepy Zayn to make up for wasting your precious time!

Much Love <3

DISCLAIMER: None of these picture belong to me. I took most of them from tumblr and If you'd like me to take your edit/picture down I will!!

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Deleted comment

Thank you love!

I agree so much, there's not enough Zouis in this fandom haha which makes no sense because they're almost as close as Larry! Actually Zourry is my #1 ot3 lol.

so much beauty
Haha I agree!
I have a little side love for them as well, which only seems to come out when I'm reminded of it.

And they weren't even that close back then.

See, I'm not so sure. After all, Louis did say in their first book that he met Zayn and Aiden on the first day of bootcamp and got friendly with them "pretty quickly". I'd also surmise that their similiar family backgrounds would bring them closer as its one of the standard first things you find out about someone. I think they just physically show their bond a lot more. But really that goes for all of them being totally comfortable now.

The pretending to snog and the ILU reminds me so, so much of another of my boyband loves it makes me happy. :D

Anyway, this is a tl;dr way of saying I really do have a soft spot for them. Thank you and bravo on this picspam! I'm loving the picspam kick the comm is on atm. Feels more like old times. ♥
After all, Louis did say in their first book that he met Zayn and Aiden on the first day of bootcamp and got friendly with them "pretty quickly"

True. And they bonded over the fact they both wanted to teach acting!


5 years ago

Zouis pic spams are my favourite! They're so cute it shouldn't even be legal.

Seriously, the love I have for the two of them together... it's not healthy, haha

we need more Zouis on this comm! :D

Yup, I spent so much time making this, that's definitely not healthy haha! And I agree, the world needs more Zouis.
oh my god, i've never noticed there was so much zouis! i'm always so blinded by larry, and the beauty that is ziam.

gr8 post.
I totally understand that because sometimes I get "blinded" by Larry too. Glad you liked it!


5 years ago

omg so much pretty going on in this picspam! thanks to this i'm pretty sure i fully ship them now, i just. ♥_____♥
YAYYY. This makes me a very, very happy girl haha <3
I ship it hard tbh.

Yep, I can definitely get on board with this. The more the merrier, I say! Beautiful spam op! :)
Haha hell yes! Mission accomplished.


5 years ago

I love you making this. Seriously.

Zouis are my OTP but there's not enough of it in this fandom, I don't think. There's always so much focus on Lourry that no one sees just how close Zayn and Louis are, been though they both mention it quite a lot in interviews.

Just going to look at this picspam over and over and over again. I have no words for how perfect it is <3
Ita. I don't get it because they're so cute and kinda obvious? Wah I just everyone to see it too haha.
I don't think I can ship them romantically but I love their bromance! They're adorable :3
Aw, well I can understand that and I agree they're adorbs.
omg whyare these guys obsessed with man nipple rubbing?
oh my god I love you. this post is everything I've ever wanted from this fandom. why are they so cuuute?! I want them to do their little adorable head pressing together thing forever! it was def the best part of the One Thing video. aaaaahhhhh
Yay! This comment makes me happy lol I was fangirling like an idiot when that part of the video came in. I just love them so much and they're always sooo happy whenever they're interacting, it makes my heart ache with love haha. Thanks for commenting!
soooooooooo cute
This was a lovely way to waste an hour fifteen minutes. So many great moments!
I was trawling Delicious for Zouis (am mildly wary of trawling Tumblr. It has a tendency to traumatise me lately) and stumbled across this and YES YES YES. Ahem. I find this post immensely pleasing.
wow no this is rude they are the WORST i hate them they need to stop causing me such pain

sdflkaakflsalsfkd these fucking kids, man. why are they all the sweetest?